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We have 3D printing, Robotics, Astronomy & AI.

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A gateway to learn skills and jobs of tomorrow and explore interest and talent

Middle School is the gateway to understanding the complexities of the World and we equip your child to not only survive but also to make a niche for themselves. Our unique curriculum and pedagogies are designed to prepare the child holistically- academically, artistically and physically.

Our focus at this phase is to help the student inculcate the following:

  • Mathematical Skills
  • Language Proficiency
  • Fine Arts and Visual Arts
  • Social and Life Skills

The Math Hotspots give the opportunity to explore the various mathematical concepts in everything around us and Green Math promotes sustainability in classrooms by encouraging the use of green and recyclable materials as teaching aids.

Approach to Teaching:

  • Customised tailor-made teaching methodologies for diverse students with varied needs and talents
  • Hands on experiences and experiential learning
  • Interactive activities to boost confidence, critical thinking and effective communication
  • Demonstration and Story-telling practice to mitigate rote learning
  • Inclusive Environment to make children adapt to global environment
  • Well- rounded education methodologies for integrated growth

all-round student growth

Comprehensive Growth

Leaders of tomorrow

Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow

Integration of academic and co-scholastic areas

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