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How to Deal with a Stubborn Child Like a Pro

As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to handle a stubborn child. Whether they’re refusing to do their schoolwork, lashing out in anger when asked to change an activity, or simply not listening no matter how many times you ask them nicely, your parental patience might often get tested with a strong-willed kid. While it may seem like the only option is to resort to yelling or punishing your child for their behaviour, this article will provide some alternate coping strategies and tips on how to better respond and support your stubborn child so that both of you can find success.

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Set clear boundaries

Establish clear and consistent rules and consequences for your child’s behaviour. Make sure your child understands the expectations and consequences, and follow through consistently. This is not always easy but you must follow through with the consequences that you’ve setup if the child crosses boundaries. Many a times letting them experience the natural consequence of their decision is a great option.

Pick your battles

Choose which issues are most important to address and let go of minor ones. This will help your child feel less overwhelmed and more likely to cooperate.

Empathize with your child

Try to understand your child’s perspective and acknowledge their feelings. This can help build trust and foster a positive relationship.

Use positive reinforcement

Praise and reward your child when they show positive behaviour, rather than just focusing on negative behaviour. This can help encourage good habits and cooperation.

Give your child choices

Let your child have some control over certain decisions, such as what to wear or what activity to do. This can help them feel more empowered and less likely to resist.

Use humour and playfulness

Inject some fun and humour into challenging situations to help diffuse tension and encourage cooperation.

Use active listening

Listen to your child without interrupting or judging. Show that you understand their perspective and take their feelings seriously.

Seek professional help

If your child’s stubbornness is causing significant problems or is related to other issues, such as ADHD or anxiety, consider seeking professional help from a therapist or counsellor. At CMIS, our team is equipped and experienced to take up such cases. Connect with our team and they will assist and guide you.

All-in-all, parenting a stubborn child can be very challenging. It can easily become frustrating for both the child and parent if there is too much conflict. Nevertheless, with patience, consistency, understanding and positive reinforcement, it is possible to handle these situations more effectively and maintain a healthy relationship with your child.  Choose an approach that best works for you: sometimes setting strict boundaries may be necessary while in other cases you might want to focus on how to positively reinforce desirable behaviours. Above all, understand that your children should always feel they are being seen, respected and heard. How do you deal with your child when they are being stubborn? Let us know; we would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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