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We are one of the first schools in India with a Nikon lab.

CMIS (Compete With Myself) Diploma is an activity based program launched to instill confidence, make children self- reliant and achieve holistic development.

It is designed to promote instant gratification in a positive way and encourage a healthy competition with other students as well as themselves, and also help in building team spirit.

Key Features

  • The program available through an app that will list areas of challenge and students can exhibit their abilities to earn points and recognition.
  • These challenges range from diversified areas of challenges- blend of academic and co- scholastic
  • Students can voluntarily choose their areas of challenges which aligns with their interest and passions
  • Continous Evaluation

    Active Participation of Students

    Exploring own Talent and Niche

    Program Outcomes

    • The program is designed to help students develop a growth mindset, continuously strive to improve themselves and recognize their achievements, however small they may be
    • Successful completion of the tasks will help the child earn award points
    • The cumulative points will lead the child to secure bronze, silver, and gold medals, and finally, the CMIS diploma

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