10 Future Jobs that do not exist

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and advancement in technology, the whole world seems to undergo a change.   Experts are speculating that changes could also be seen in the nature of job and job profiles. Each sector and industries will experience new innovations. There is lot of debate and discussion over extinction of several kinds of job profiles.   However, we...

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How can music help your child learn?

As Parents, our major concern is the success and the development of our children. Many a times, we as parents lose sleep during our kids’ examination as we get stressed out thinking whether they would be able to write and remember all the answers. Many a times, due to so much of screen time and social media penetration, a child...

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Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

In this age of globalisation where borders and boundaries are disappearing and where academic and workplace opportunities are not confined to any geographical boundaries, it becomes imperative for people to be multi-lingual. Multilingualism is a social reality in India. Oral and literacy skills in multiple languages are necessary for meaningful participation in the larger society.  Kids, leaders of tomorrow, should...

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5 Must Read Books for Parents

Parents are the first support system of a child. A large amount of onus and responsibilities regarding the development of the child lies on the parents- who themselves are traversing this journey or donning this role for the first time in life. This holds true for majority of the parents, and they rely on their elders and others to seek...

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5 must read books on parenting
How to Deal with a Stubborn Child Like a Pro

As a parent, it can be incredibly difficult to handle a stubborn child. Whether they're refusing to do their schoolwork, lashing out in anger when asked to change an activity, or simply not listening no matter how many times you ask them nicely, your parental patience might often get tested with a strong-willed kid. While it may seem like the...

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How to Choose the Right Play School for Your Child

Making sure that your child gets the right start in their early years is of utmost importance. Choosing a good play school for them can be an overwhelming experience - so many options to choose from, so much to consider! As parents, you want to ensure that you make the right decision with regards to selecting a play school your...

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