Academic Philosophy

Did you know?

Our curriculum was developed after 3 years of research.

Did you know?

We promote a culture of self-exploration.

Did you know?

CMIS has a cosmopolitan teaching team

A school where active learning is a norm

Welcome to CMIS, the Center for Modern and Innovative Studies, where education meets the future! At CMIS, we are dedicated to providing a cutting-edge CBSE curriculum that nurtures the individual strengths and talents of each student. Our K-12 educational program is designed to create an environment where children thrive in a barrier-free learning environment, empowering them to reach their full potential

Several Pedagogies researched

Blend of Academic and Extra Curricular Activities

Love for life-long learning

A school that lets you explore

Approach towards learning

  • Experiential Learning environments in and outside the classroom
  • Personalised attention and tailored learning experiences for children with diverse needs
  • Barrier-free learning environment to develop true potential of the child as well as instill lifelong love for learning
  • A futuristic technology driven school with modern pedagogy
  • Emphasis on inclusivity and cater to the diverse needs of each individual children
  • Blend of Academic and non-scholastic education

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