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5 Must Read Books for Parents

Parents are the first support system of a child. A large amount of onus and responsibilities regarding the development of the child lies on the parents- who themselves are traversing this journey or donning this role for the first time in life. This holds true for majority of the parents, and they rely on their elders and others to seek advice and guidance. Many a times, these tips do not fulfil the purpose due to change in the context or situation. In such cases, parents feel helpless and a sense of guilt looms over their mind that they are not performing well. This cause anxiety, worries and stress.

To provide you relief from such stress and help you in equipping yourself to discharge your responsibilities as parents, we share with you a list of 5 books on Parenting. These books will help you to orient yourself for the role as parents as well as guide you on how to engage meaningfully and successfully in the process of parenting.

Parenting Tips for Indian Parents: Pre-conception to Adulthood by Deepa Chaudhary:

Parenting is complex and it is a roller coaster ride. Contrary to the perception that parenting starts post-partum, this book entails the situations and tips from pre-pregnancy onwards when the couple engages in family planning. This book is not only for the 1stΒ time parents but also for those planning for or conceiving a second child. It helps the parents to face and deal effectively for all the situations arising through the parenting process.

Front page of the book titled "Active Parenting" by Ram G Vallath.


Perfect Parenting: How to Raise Happy and Successful Children by Sushant Kalra:

As parents, we measure our success by the holistic well -being of our children be it their physical, mental and academic development. Parents strive tremendously to help their child achieve or become successful. This book provides instructions and tips to how to raise happy and successful children.


Front cover of the book titled "Perfect Parenting" by Sushanth Karla.

Active Parenting: How to Raise Children with Boundless Potential by Ram G Vallath:

Not all children are the same as each one is born with varied talents and potential. Many of the children are hyperactive, intelligent and has innate potential. This book helps the parents in not only channelising the potential of the child but also how to systematically and strategically mould it for extraordinary achievement.

Front cover of the book "Parenting Tips" by Deepa Chaudhury.


The Children of Tomorrow: A Monk’s Guide to Mindful Parenting by Om Swami:

Children are Leaders of Tomorrow and the future of the nation relies on their capabilities and success. Each parent wants their child to become successful and contribute in running or ruling the world. This book helps the parents to orient their child as future Leaders. It has anecdotes and theories as well as psychological studies which would help the parents to guide their child well.

Front page of OM SWAMI's book titled "The Children of Tomorrow".

How Your Personality Makes Or Breaks Your Child – A Self Assessment Guide For Parents by Dr Chayanika Singh:

Parents are the first role-models or people who have direct influence on children. It is kids who are majorly a reflection of their parents. The personality and mental thought processes of parents have a major bearing on the children. Knowingly or unknowingly, our own practices and habits are imitated by our children. This book will help parents to introspect and evaluate their own habits and guide them towards improvement.


The front cover of the book titled "How your Personality Makes or Breaks Your Child" by Chayanika Singh.

Parenting is not an easy task and one has to experience it to master it. We do hope that these books will be your guiding light.

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